About Us

In 2005, working mother Sari Davidson created the very first prototype of SippiGrip in San Ramon, California. Sari was becoming frustrated when her 1-year-old son, Jake, would throw his sippy cup to the floor from his high chair, stroller and car seat. Sari was constantly picking up the cups that were either getting dirty or getting lost. “Necessity really was the mother of invention and I could not find any product, in stores or on-line, that met my needs,” Sari remembers. Hence, the SippiGrip was born.

After an evolution of prototypes, research and testing of the SippiGrip, Sari formed BooginHead LLC. in September 2007 and dedicated herself to launching new and useful product for parents – and for parents everywhere she has helped end the cup throwing game!

BooginHead LLC. is currently located in Issaquah, Washington and continues to provide unique and solution based products that are geared towards simply making parents’ lives easier! Davidson says that “the basis for all the products I create need to fit a certain criteria: is it solving a problem, is it fashionable and does it break the bank? In this economy it is a need vs. a want so creating functional products that meet a need and look more expensive than they are is a great niche.”


What is a BooginHead?

No doubt, the question we get asked the most is “What is a BooginHead?” Below is what our Founder, CEO & Chief BooginHead Sari Davidson has to say: “BooginHead is a term we came up with in our family when someone does something they shouldn’t, but they do it regardless and it makes you laugh. For example, when my then 1-year-old son Jake was throwing his sippy cup to the floor over and over again just to watch me pick it up, he was being such a BooginHead!” At BooginHead, we are committed to bringing products to parents to help solve the BooginHead factor and make life a little easier! We want to hear about your Lil’ BooginHead! Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and share your stories, pictures, comments and questions!


What is a Booginism?

A Booginism is something funny you or your Lil’ BooginHead says that makes you laugh. Share your Booginisms with us on Facebook every Wednesday and enjoy the funny things we or our Lil’ BooginHeads say!


Team BooginHead

CEO & Chief BooginHead - Sari Davidson

Director of Sales - Katie Butcher

Sales Support Coordinator - Kirsten Hadley

Marketing Manager - Jacky Bosworth

Creative Director - Elicia Kniffin

Controller - Caarin Hilliker

Operations & Logistics - Laura Parkinson



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